Week 119 ” Patients like me – MSA “

For all you football tragic’s. – It’s a Geelong – Hawthorn grand final next weekend. I have been glued to the TV for a couple of days – so I can now get back to doing some cleaning up (Spring Cleaning). The weather has given us plenty of opportunity to continue the exercises – although Jill was showing some tiredness this week. She has completed her antibiotic course and will know the results of the test on Friday.

We will have a fairly busy week, visit from a fellow MSA suffer on Tuesday, OT and architect on Thursday to discuss bathroom renovations and doctors appointments on Friday.

Allison & Chris are Jill’s envy today as they are flying to Hervey Bay for a week away during the school holidays. We have had Chris & Nicole here for Scott’s 30th Birthday (Chris was Scott’s best man). The birthday is being celebrated at Scott and Alicia’s block just out of town. Chris and Nicole spent the night in our van out at the block.

Another new MSA website has been established which is very interactive and informative. www.patientslikeme.com/msa/community . I will put Jill’s details there as we progress.

Birthdays have this habit of coming around:

Happy Birthday Scott ( 30th last Friday)

Happy birthday Kym for Tuesday and  Pat on Saturday

I have to go out and pick up the caravan this morning so we will see you next week on the net.

Caravan on location at Scott’s birthday Bash

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