Week 120 ” The CATS back in 2009″

Watching the Hawks beat the cats was a bit hard to take – but they did deserve the win.


 We actually broke our diet and had hotdogs for lunch and popcorn during the match. Jill was on the Crazy Vibrating Machine after the match – How’s that for determination. Chris rang us after the match to console me.

We woke up this morning to another beautiful day – 29C yesterday and looks much the same today. I am sitting typing, listening to Macca, eating some cereal, Jill’s still asleep and Jessie is asleep on the chair beside me.

Jill finally had some good news yesterday – she is finally clear of her infection – I think it has been around for almost 3-4 months. I am certain she feels happier –she doesn’t say much. We are finally back to talking about China – and need to decide if it’s this year or early in 2009.I think she would hate to be away from the kids around Christmas.

We also had a visit from the OT architect on Thursday – she wasn’t impressed with my plan – she says there is not enough room in the bathroom I had planed. It worries me that they think money grows on trees when they think of what they can do with the space provided – we will have to wait and see.

We also had a visit from Karen & John from Cobram and it was great to meet up and talk about similar problems and treatments. We must keep in contact. We also had a text from Sharon in China and the message said they had seen some small miracles. I will have a go at talking to then over Skype today.

Jill has continued to loose weight – 12.5kg so far – looks great and feels much happier – she needs Alison to come and go shopping for some clothes – we go walking and the slacks keep slipping down.

Jill has also continued to exercise – the weather makes exercising down at the netball courts great – except the flies are starting to come with us. I have to swish them away from Jill’s face as she walks. I will have to take the aeroguard with us. Jill is reading a bit more – She loves Mary Higgins Clark novels and is currently reading “Two Little Girls In Blue”. We have a small library of Mary Higgins Clark, Diana Gabaldon & Jodi Picoult novels that she shares with Allison & Nicole. I think we have every book that these three have published. It is great to see Jill reading – I can remember in the good old days – before MSA – she would have two books going at the same time much to my amusement.

Allison & Chris will be back from Hervey Bay this afternoon – will be good to hear from her.

I had better get Jill some breakfast.

See you next week on the net.

Isla - A real little Girl - 7 weeks - 4.8kg

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  1. Cindy says:

    Hi Mac and Jill, I wrote to you many months ago about my husband and MSA. We live in Heidelberg, Germany. We have just heard that a stem cell study for MSA patients will start in Freiburg,Germany, about 3 hours south of here. I think that stem cells are placed directly in the brain using long needles. I am not sure if my husband wants to be part of the study, but you can google information on Dr. Nikkhah who is leading the study. It is encouraging to see more research taking place.

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