Jill’s Goals

Everybody needs to set goals that are achievable. From the day Jill was diagnosed we have had small goals set for us to achieve. Some seem to be difficult but we found that we need something to strive towards. To give us HOPE.


Get to China for Stem Cell Threapy – June 2006-  OK

Set up and use Jillian’s Gym on a daily basis – ongoing

Walk the length of the net ball courts – October 2006 – OK

Walk with the Frame after fall- November 2006 -OK

Use wheelie walker around home – November 2006- OK

Back to the Netball courts with a wheelie walker- Janurary 2007 – OK

Dance at Chris and Nicole’s wedding  –  March 2007 –  OK

Go to hairdresser up the street-OK

Have lunch up the street _ April 2007

Take trip in Caravan – Eildon for Easter 2007 – OK

Walk with the crutches at the net ball courts – OK

Visit Chris and Nicoles New House – OK

Walk with the crutches to the Court at end of Hogan St – OK

Repeat above each week- ongoing

Shopping with Beth

Travel to Albury for Speech Clinic- OK

Maintain speech improvements – ongoing daily exercises

Head off for a small trip in the caravan – Echuca  Dec 2007-OK

Swimming in our pool – exercises – OK

Breathing and speech exercises – ongoing

Away in Van Easter 2008 – did not achieve

Walking at the netball courts    – March 2008 – OK and on going

Weight loss – aim is 15kg plus – October 2008 14kg

Walking using a single crutch – suprised the physio with improvement

Back to China in November- confirmed 2nd November – 3 December 2008

HOPE – with the new stem cells

2009 – Easter trip away in the van

Shopping in a Shopping center – in a Wheel Chair – not really the way she wanted

2010 – Knee surgery in March

Go to Melbourne to see our 1st Grand Child – May 2010

Less pain – easier to exercise

Christmas with all the family Dec 2010

Purchased wheel chair accessible caravan

Easter 2011 – away with family

Visit Riley for his Birth day – May 29th 2011 – Took new Caravan

Van Holiday finally – to Hervey Bay – July 2011

Wants to be able to put her feet in the sea – next time

All she wants really is to Walk and SPEEK normally!!!!!

Another Christmas with the Family and RILEY of course. Dec 2011

Speech – therapy using LSVT  4 weeks 5 days a week 2 sessions per day

Hoist fitted to Jeep – will make it easier to get into the Car

Holiday – Labour day weekend to Eildon with Family  in caravan

Easter  April 2012 – Family holiday with Riley

July 2012 – Caravan holiday to Hervey Bay cancelled – spent 15 weeks recovering broken leg

Christmas with RILEY Dec 2012

Welcome the arrival of  new grandchild Jan 2013

holiday – Labour day weekend to Eildon with family in caravan

Easter 2013 – Family holiday with Riley & Lucas

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