Jill’s Gym

One of the things we have learnt about MSA is the need for exercise. Physical, Vocal and mental and the need to maintain these is ultra important. We arrived back in June 2006 from getting stem cell treatment in China with a different attitude towards exercise. Jill had always exercised . Our moto became “USE IT OR LOSE IT”. We converted our garage into “Jillian’s Gym”.

We purchased various pieces of exercise equipment that would benefit Jill’s condition.  The following pictures depict Jill’s use of the equipment as of 2010 and the main objective has been to keep her moving. Jill’s condition was being effected by her arthritis in her knees as a result of playing hockey and netball . In May 2010 she had her left knee totally replaced and without the constant pain she has been able to resume her exercises.

The progression of MSA has made things more difficult – walking and balance have restricted Jill’s exercise regime. We have continued to do a range of exercises on the bed which include bridging – raising her back clear of the bed, ankle twists- rotating her feet in and out, Leg raises – raising her leg and pointing her toes towards my moving hand 10 -20 times per leg. Exercise Ball exercises – put both feet on ball and roll ball towards herself there by bending her legs – 20 times. Knees raised and raising her feel so the her leg is straight. between 10-20 times per leg. Knee flexes – place a towel around the sole of her foot and by holding the ends of the towel push downwards with the knee 10 times per leg.

Walking – using a gutter frame from Bed room to Kitchen about 15 meters a couple of times per day – sometimes only gets a couple of meters before legs give out and we need the wheel chair. Using a small stationary peddle unit while sitting in the wheel chair both by foot and be hands. Using elastic bands and doing various stretching exercises. 1 kg hand weights in both hands stretching up and out.

Wii – sitting in her wheel chair playing tennis or 10 pin bowling

Voice – daily exercises based on LSVT

All these depend on how Jill feels on a day to day basis.

Following Jill’s fall in May 2012 and breaking her left leg:

Exercise has been more difficult and is based on a day to day depending on how Jill is

Good Day – the range of bed exercises modified from above. Plus Physio – walk with gutter frame the length of passage  and back, out to the Gym and do sit to stands, stand in parallel  bars and do side way steps and transfers. The same using the gutter frame and the using the gutter frame to walk forward and back several steps. Use the two chairs to strengthen legs.

Not so good days: a modified version of the above.

Some days it is just resting.




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