Week 118 ” USE IT OR LOSE IT”

Another fantastic Spring week. We have been out each day absorbing plenty of vitamin D. Jill has been pushing me to get down to the netball courts and walking track to make the most of the weather. The wattle is all out in bloom and the fragrance is very obvious when we get out of the car. We have finally got an appointment with a urologist (October 16) and Jill is on her second week of antibiotics ( fingers crossed this time)

Early in the week we had a phone call from Jill’s brother Barry, telling us about their proposed trip to Germany etc. He also mentioned he had heard about an interview between Richard Stubs and Norman Doige MD.on the ABC about neuroplasticity which is about retraining the brain to do tasks that had been lost by stroke or disease. We listened intently to the interview and thought that sounded interesting and we discussed about buying his book

“The BRAIN that CHANGES ITSELF”.  His web site is  http://www.normandoige.com/

The discovery of “neuroplasticity”, that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains-even in old age- is the most important breakthrough in neuroscience in four centuries.

Later in the evening another phone call from Barry said watch the “7.30 Report”. After watching it we went to the internet and downloaded a vodcast ( http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/vodcast.htm )of the interview on the 09/09/2008 with Kerry O’Brien). We have ordered his book over the internet.

The second interesting event was a referral to a web site in Israel about treatment of Parkinson and MSA. http://www.parkinson-gk.com/  To read it in English, click on the English button. They have developed this program called Gyro kinetics or G.K. which is a rehabilitation method that simultaneously combines:

· Functional movements (ACTIVE), which help regain lost functionality and reverse the deterioration caused by the disease

· Therapeutic massage (PASSIVE) which stimulates vibrations through the body, evoking the body’s homeostatic healing reflex, thereby helping to reverse the stages of deterioration

They both seem to have a similarity in helping the brain to retrain it’s self to do all the things that the body used to do. Our exercise regime helps do this as well –Jill and I have this belief of “Use it or lose it”.


We will see you on the net next week.

Jill resting at half way point - looking at the wattle trees  Wattle tree - let us know what type of wattle?  Wattle tree - let us know what type of wattle?

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