About Us

This was an account of our trip to China for Stem Cell Treatment for Jill. We used this to help keep family and friends up to date with our progress on this journey. We have continued with the blog to advise the continued journey that this disease has lead us.

Below are some of the bit players in this drama. We could not do without the positive support of our fantastic family, extended family , neighbours and friends.

Mac & Jill ( Jill  passed away in her sleep 6th April 2013)

Mac & Jill

This is our son Chris and his wife Nicole  ,on 29th May 2010 the arrival of our first grandson Riley and on the 3rd Jan 2013 Lucas arrived

Chris & Nicole



Below is our daughter Allison and her husband – our other Chris

Allison & Chris

Our eldest son Michael and his pal Gus. ( Gus passed away April 2012) and his new pal is Buddy and his partner Amanda

Michael and his best mate Gus

Jake thought he would come to China with us – Jake passed away on the 26th April 2010 aged 13

Jake ready for China

Last but not least family member is Jessie – arrived October 2007- age 14 – was Mum’s (93) before she moved into St Catherines Aged Hostel. Our Mum passed away on the 25th September 2009. Jessie owns the house and keeps visiting Jill in the shower and laying beside her on the bed while she exercises. She now keeps me company.

Jessie - also is a CAT’s supporter

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