Week 121 “Day Light Saving – for the next six months”

Day light saving has just commenced – I read yesterday that Victoria is to have 6 months of daylight saving for the first time this year. I hope that you have put your clocks forward by one hour. Jill woke with the radio this morning and asked “what time is it?” My answer was do you want Eastern Standard Time or daylight saving time. To which she answered “did you put the alarm on for daylight saving”– not happy at loosing an hour of sleep. The animals don’t mind, what ever time I come out of the passage door they are there to meet me.

The weather has allowed us to walk every day this week – and we noticed that the Wangaratta show people are preparing for the Show next weekend with all the portable toilets and waste wheelie bins in place for the show exhibitors. On Saturday as we drove in the drive way to the netball courts the amount of cars parked in the car park for the Rover’s Football ground amazed us. The Cancer Relay is on – the first time for Wangaratta this year and they have 70 teams competing. As we walked on the netball courts a small aeroplane circled the oval several times and I wondered if he had signed up for the relay.

Allison sent us some pictures she had taken in Hervey Bay – They had been out on the whale watch tour and lots of walking around the beach. On their last day there was fishing competition on the pier with hundreds of people hoping to catch those elusive fish. They also saw a training sailing two mast ship in the marina and is in the photo of the pier below. Jill was very envious as we looked at the photos. Chris and Nicole have gone to Peterborough for the weekend. Michael rang yesterday and we have organised to have Jill’s hair done next weekend which will bring some smiles.

Short blog this week – see you next week on the net.

The sailing ship and the long pier at Hervey Bay Queensland 2008  Watching the whales at Hervey Bay 2008?

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