Week 402-5 “Fraser Island”

Jill loved her coffee

Jill loved her coffee

Saturday was 6 months since Jill left us. The time has seen many changes to my life –Sitting here in “Jillsgym” here at Fraser Lodge Caravan Park, Hervey Bay, Queensland. It is 2 years since we were here and the first time in 52 years that I have holidayed alone.I looked through some photos I took last time and this one is typical of the last few years – Jill and her cup of coffee.


Visiting Jill - MSA Day

The 3rd of October was World MSA Day and because I am away my son Michael & Amanda visited Jill – they took a red rose from our garden and a cup of coffee – I hope she didn’t let it go cold – we can’t reheat it.


The family and I left from Wangaratta and our first night was set up at Mendoran (Free camp) and the second night was at Dalby and then into Hervey Bay. Nicole, Riley and Lucas flew in and Chris picked them up . The weather was warm but windy and the beach was disappointing. Chris had arranged a fishing charter but due to wind that was cancelled as was the whale watching. Fortunately the wind eased and we all went out on the Spirit to watch the whales. It was great to see these huge whales breach out of the water. Riley was amazed. Next morning we were on the barge to Fraser Island. The trip across the island was the roughest and covered with very dry and deep sand. Several were bogged and made the trip very slow. Our Jeeps had no problem – so you brought a Jeep Our three-day stay was at Cathedral Beach camping Ground in cabins. We were down on the beach to fish as soon as possible and we caught 7 fish the first night and had our meal. The weather on the island was great little or no wind, plenty of fish and even did the catch and release on the last night. There were huge numbers of 4 wheel drives on the island. This was the first time I had been on the island since 2000. Jill loved Hervey Bay & Fraser Island as much as our family do.. We were actually planning our next trip while we were away at Easter 2013.

The family – Allison, Chris, Chris, Nicole, Riley and Lucas are heading back to Victoria and I am on my own. I am here for a week before heading north to the small coastal towns of 1770 and Agnes Waters. I will stay there waiting for Jill’s sister and Gavin in their new caravan they are picking up in Brisbane.

Jill and I had always said we would like to go further north .

Back home Pat and my neighbors Lorna &  Peter are looking after our cat – Jessie . Thanks


See you soon on the net


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