Week 77 – Under way – Tally Ho

We are actually heading off in that long awaited caravan trip. This week has passed very quickly. It started with some annoying legal things that had me stressed but was finally sorted out. We had Beth (physio) here on Monday morning and after some talk she had Jill do several laps around the house using the crutches. She followed several steps behind Jill, having told me not to hang on as it gives Jill a false sense of security. Jill really has improved and has continued to use the crutches, even walking out to the gym.

I am having trouble getting her into the pool – even though she knows how much it would help – she does like being seen in her swim suit – even by me. She has been using the Crazy Massage machine each day – She is able to do it on her own and each session lasts 10 minutes. A various range of shaking starting at 1 oscillation per second for a minute and then increases each minute 3-5-7-9 -11 up to 29 and over the last two minutes it slows down to 7.

Finally Saturday arrived and all the van preparation was under way. We cooked some meals (frozen). Meals such as Chilli Con Carne, chow mien and chicken and pork stir fries. I have loaded them into the Engels fridge freezer. The van is attached to the Jeep ready to go. We were a bit late to bed as Jill decided she wanted her hair dyed so I had my hair dressing skills put to the test again – and I said never again.

I got up early (5.30am) and stated the final load of washing so that there is nothing left when we return. I will put it into the dryer (using a few tons of green house units- sorry).

To make up for it I will turn all the electrical appliances off at the power points – except for the swimming pool. We have arranged with Lorna and Pete to look after Jessie. Jake is going for a holiday to the kennels at Glenrowan – we will drop him off on the way.

It’s 6.45am and I am listening to Macca – Australia All-over on the ABC. He is going to be in Echuca at the ABC shop on Monday. I will see if I can get to talk to him.

As I mentioned before we will be in Echuca at the Top Tourist Caravan Park until the 12th of December. We are there with Jill’s sister Jeannette and Gavin. Jill is very excited and as soon as she wakes we will be on our way.

See you next week on the net from Echuca.

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2 Responses to Week 77 – Under way – Tally Ho

  1. Pat says:

    Hope the weather is kind to you. Have lots of fun and a great big rest.

  2. Nicole & Chris says:

    We are really happy to see you taking a caravan trip away with loved ones. Make the most of it!

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