Well – looks like all the GO CATS has worked with Geelong destroying Port Adelaide by 119 points. We had mum and Jill’s Aunty Jean for the afternoon to watch the game with us. It was great to see the team you have barracked for (54 years) actually win a grand final. It is 44 years since they won their last premiership (1963). We missed seeing that one. The rest of the family have been at Chris and Nicole’s watching the game on the big screen.

We have finally finished the speech clinic. It was a great success – Jill’s ability to say “ah” loud and clear improved every day and even today as we were doing the exercises she was able to demonstrate to Chris over the phone, going up and down the scales and I think he was impressed. Like last week we again used the van as a base for lunch etc and did the clinic sessions twice a day. It was certainly tiring and by the end of the week she was pleased to be able to rest. Rebecca the coordinator from the Albury Base Hospital explained the procedure to follow over the next 5 – 6 weeks. Jill is to continue the exercises and reading aloud on a daily basis. Then she is to return for another assessment to compare the improvement and the ability to sustain that improvement. We certainly need to thank our CSU students Stacey, Janae and Beck for their attention and help over the past two weeks.

The only thing that has been a problem is doing exercises – Jill has been so tired that the exercises have taken a back seat and I can see the difference. Tomorrow we will need to be back in the gym and down to the netball courts for some walking. I have mentioned about -USE IT OR LOSE IT – in an email I received this week was the following study which high lights the above.

In one such study conducted by physical
therapists in England, Belgium and Holland — the
largest study on gait training to date — cueing
training was used to improve walking in
participants’ home environments. The study
included 153 people who received a three-week
home cueing program, followed by three weeks
during which no training was done. The results,
though modest, showed measurable improvements in
gait and balance, as well as reduced freezing and
greater confidence to carry out functional
activities. However, after the training ended,
the improvements were gradually lost, reminding
us that it is important to continue exercising if
those improvements are to be long lasting.

It will certainly be the same with the speech – so Jill will have to find another 30 minutes a day.

I will be able to go to bed with a grin on my face – Go you mighty cats.

Jessie is sitting beside me – waiting to be fed.

See you next week on the net.

Aunty Jean , Jessie and Mum watching the BIG Game  Mum and her Jessie  The Mighty Cats  Go you Mighty Cats    Weg’s 2007 Poster  The final Scoreboard September 2007

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2 Responses to Week 68 – THE MIGHTY CATS

  1. Pat says:

    I just had to check the blog before we set off.I didn,t sleep last night but have worked out some fun activities which we learnt through our oral languuage studies ,so I will prepare them as soon as I get back to school and pass them on to you.
    Footy was great

  2. Do you have an email so I can send you some files you may find interesting in regard the Cells.

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