Week 173-4 ” Happy Birthdays”

Jill has celebrated another milestone – we were at Chris & Nicole’s for the weekend and Allison & Chris came on Saturday – so we had a small celebration and ate one of Jean’s sponges. We came home on Sunday and with Jill’s birthday actually on Monday we collected her Aunty Jean and went out for afternoon tea. Fortunately we were able to park within a few feet of the outdoor tables. The waiter produced a piece of cheese cake with a couple of candles on. So even if Jill doesn’t like being seen in public I think she enjoyed it.

Exercise is becoming even more difficult and I am getting her out to the gym by using the walker as a wheel chair, even down the passage to the bedroom and toilet much to her disgust. She hates the thought of having a wheel chair. I have made some early enquiries but we need a light weight folding chair that we can take with us. To help control the pain she is having Ibuprofen and Panadol Osteo. They seem to ease it slightly. She wants to go away in the van and I have continued to make preparations but am uncertain if we should go. We may try a short trip to see how she copes. Maybe I will hire a wheel chair to help.

Jill’s Aunty Jean is having an open house party today to celebrate her 90 years of age. We went around there last night and saw the preparations. We watched a series of photos that Joan had scanned about Jean’s early life as a mothercraft nurse, marriage, family and extended family and friends. We are certain that she will have a great day. She sings in a choir for the elderly – I think she is older than her audience


The weather has been great for the garden and the roses are out in all their glory. Pat brought us a bunch of roses yesterday and there are all the colours you can imagine. Even our rose out the front is flowering. Strangely it has two types of flowers a nicely shaped cream rose and these smaller flowers. Considering it is in the shade most of the time and this is the first time it has look like anything we are quiet happy.

Jill is sick of me and the computer as I have again upgraded the family tree program to the 2100 version – some slight changes and it certainly appears to be quicker.

Well I can hear Jill whistling me from the bedroom so I had better produce some breakfast.

Maybe we will see you on the road or anyway on the net next week.

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One Response to Week 173-4 ” Happy Birthdays”

  1. Mark C Dodd says:

    Can you lent me that 2100 version of the software. It has to be better than the 2010 one I just upgraded to!

    I think I have found Mr Ingrouille’s brother, who a seaman on another ship and also had children in Australia.

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