Week 148 ” Builders – Plasterers and noise”

We are back on the net after a week in hospital for me and some recuperating at home. I went into Mercy Private in Melbourne on Tuesday after Easter and spent 4 days there and Chris brought me home last week end. This week has shown me that I need to rest a bit each day.

Allison came home and spent the week I was away with Jill and she certainly enjoyed having her here. Allison probably didn’t sleep that much worrying about Jill getting to the toilet at night. Cooking meals and preparing food for the freezer. So we hope that she has also had a week to recover. Obviously others thought I should rest and on Tuesday Jill’s sister Jeanette arrived to be with us. I appreciate the thought that goes with the visit and not only for me but more for Jill. She needs company other that me.

As I mentioned the Builders have been here since Easter and I must say every thing looks just as I imagined it would. Allison and Jeanette have got to know the builders, plasterers, cabinet makers by first name and have had to endure, power off, water off and being up early to move cars and lots of noise from saws, nail guns, planers and sanders. It was probably a pleasure when 6pm arrived and it was too dark for them to work, no lights or power in the back half of the house, and the house was again quiet.

This coming week will see the electrician finish off, the painter in on Tuesday and finally the carpet layer here on Thursday to complete the job. Everybody will be home at the weekend to celebrate Mother’s day and help move beds around and help Jill decide on what she wants in her new wardrobe and drawers.

We have been spoilt with some of Gavin’s sourdough bread which Jeannette brought with her and I remembered seeing some at the Sunday market and I just made a visit to the market but alas no bread and all I came home with was some Pink Lady apples, pears, strawberries and a couple of stop a drip tap washers for our shower.

Jill has just got into the shower – finding it a little difficult with the corner vanity as well, she can’t wait to try out the new ensuite.

See you next week on the net with all the completed pictures

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