Week 373-376 ” Keeping busy “

Well as you have seen we put the caravan up for sale on all forms of sites but it is always the simplest that gets the answer. One of the condolences  I received was from the person that designed our Accessavan – Anthony Wake . Anthony owns Accessavan and just does that he designs vans for people with disability and in wheel chairs. We first met Anthony in Bendigo , Jill was using the wheel chair for the first time – but was still able to walk small distances with the aid of a walker. Anthony was there with his van on display and with his wheel chair made it look easy. However Jill’s answer as always “I don’t need that” . We still had our Supreme caravan and Jill could still with assistance get into it and use the shower and toilet. As time passed it became evident that we would not be able to caravan any more and our van went onto the market – lots of lookers and finally sold. The driveway and carport looked empty just as it looks today. Fortunately Accessavan and Anthony came back into our lives when I happened to stumble across a second hand Accessavan (  2 years old) . This van changed our lives for the better . Jill and I were once again able to hit the road and in June 2011 we were back in Hervey Bay enjoying caravanning. We had to do some modifications to accommodate Jill’s condition and were able to use the van up until the day before Jill passed away in her sleep.

Anthony added a phrase ” If there was any thing he could do for me in the future please contact him” Several weeks later I had decided that I should sell the caravan so that some body with similar needs could live the dream that Jill and I had. I contacted Anthony told him I was going to sell the van and he offered to put it on his Accessavan website. He also said that he might know someone that would be interested. The rest is now history he arranged for that couple to contact me and the van now has a new owner. Thanks Anthony and of course David & Karen the new owners

The last few weeks have flown even if the nights are still difficult to get through. I have organised the grave site and a plaque and as soon as the plaque arrives we will have a  small family service to give Jill her final resting place.

Jill would have loved last weekend – the family celebrated Riley’s 3rd birthday with a trip to Melbourne Zoo . He was excited as were all those with him. The zoo has made some fantastic changes and I was trying to remember the last time Jill and I went – all I could remember was that the Lion enclosure had just opened, now it looks as though it has always been there. I am sure Jill went many times with her class from school over the ensuing years. She would have loved to be there with the family and friends. Riley had a cake at the Zoo, a cake at home on the actual day and is having a third one to day at a party with his friends. Jill loved cakes – too eat more than look at but this last cake is almost to good to eat. Riley loves the ABC 2 show ” Octonauts” and that is the theme of the cake.

Family at Zoo

Family at Zoo – Mac taking photo

Family at Zoo

Family at Zoo – Allison taking photo

Riley's birthday at ZOO

Riley’s birthday at ZOO







Riley's Blowing out the candles

Riley’s Blowing out the candles on his actual birthday

Riley's Octonaut Cake - 3rd birthday

Riley’s Octonaut Cake – 3rd birthday







Early in May – Kym Crowe arrived from USA. She came to help a family in Wodonga that is suffering the MSA disease. Kym makes the MSA bracelets and she also lost her mum to MSA in November last year. To give her a break I picked her up and we went sight seeing – to Bright, Millawa and Brown’s Bros Winery,Healseville Wildlife Sanctuary and to Echuca and a ride on a paddle steamer “Emmy Lou”  on the Murray River. She stayed each night at Pat’s B&B “Kunnawarra”in Oxley Flats. With her she brought “Paul’s Hat” which is in memory of another MSA Angle. She has now returned to Spokane Washington State and her family. I am sure Rod & Shazzie will miss her greatly.

Kym in Bright

Kym in Bright

Kym at Brown Bros Winery

Kym at Brown Bros Winery

Kym with Paul''s hat on a Koala statue

Kym with Paul”s hat on a Koala statue







I am being told that I need to go looking for a new caravan to help keep our dream alive. Jill loved travelling with Eildon and Hervey Bay  & our caravan trip around Australis being her most memorable places. I was supposed to go to Bendigo today to the caravan show but am laid up with the flu and think I may settle on the couch and with my laptop do some internet searching.

Thanks again for all the wonderful thoughts that have been sent to our family

See you soon on the net

Mac & Jill ( she will always be in my heart)





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