Week 116 ” taking another path”

Well no decision on China, Jill is still having problems with this infection and our next step is to get a referral to a urologist and see if there is any other alternatives for her. She is sick of cranberry juice, cranberry tablets etc and emotionally she is suffering as well. I often wonder if the concoction of capsules, tablets and liquid medicine she takes each day may have some effect as well as the MSA.

As usual we have been down to the netball courts to walk; if there is any body practicing there Jill is reluctant to get out of the car. I remembered a jogger who stopped to talk to us saying the walking/bike track had been sealed and was good to walk on. This is part of an amazing bike trail that goes from Wangaratta to Bright. I decided to take Jill down behind the netball courts and have a look. We were able to park next to it and with a combination of crutches and walker we negotiated some 3-400 meters had a rest and returned to the car. It was great, somewhere different – not quite as flat as the netball courts but it meanders along the Ovens River which has a reasonable amount of water in it at the moment. The bird life consisted of some small blue wrens, magpies, grass parrots, cockatoos, ducks and a kookaburra that keeps laughing at us .We have met several mothers pushing pushers with babies or small children aboard, cyclists and walkers.As usual Jill is embarrassed by her having to use the walker or crutches and I am certain would love to hide.

She has continued on the Kate Morgan diet and on Tuesday weigh in had lost another 500gms. I think she would love to have bacon & eggs for breakfast rather than a glassful of chocolate supplement. She is eating more fruit that she ever did to help fill up the void. Evening meal is all she waits for; last night it was grilled flathead and salad.

The rain started last night and according to my rain gauge we have had 19mm over night. It is overcast and quite cool this morning. The rain is much appreciated.

We are to have a visit from the OT nurse next Tuesday about doing the renovations to the bathroom to make it easier for Jill to manage. I am thinking of putting a toilet and shower in the bathroom. The shower would be a flat walk in (no ledge to step over). I need their input so that I get it right.

Jill is listening to Macca and must be getting hungry – no pancakes

See you next week on the net

Jill walking on the bike track  Jill resting about every 50 meters

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