Week 117 “Stem Cells Awareness Day – 25th September 2008″

Spring has arrived and the weather with it. Sorry for the delay in getting this blog out but Father’s Day mucked things up. The family decided to meet in Euroa for a family dinner – about an hours dive for every one. It was great to have us all together – a bit like Christmas. We had a great lunch, listened to the footy for a while and then headed home. Jill & I had towed the caravan behind us so that we had our personal toilet attached. It’s the first time the van had been out since going to Echuca before Christmas (2007). It was even a better day because Geelong won.

Jill has been exercising each day, walking at the netball courts and on the crazy vibrating machine – seems to help with the weight loss another 750gm this week – almost 12kg since she started. I believe it’s helped with the sleeping, and walking.

We received and email from Sharon whose father has ataxia. A couple of Sundays ago her husband rang and spoke to Macca. They were having a Lions Club fund raising bbq at Gardenworld to help raise enough money to go to China. The event was very successful. The also had a visit from a professor from Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories and he not only gave a donation but also mentioned a Stem cell awareness day program. It is being held on the 25rd of September and is open to the public.
See below
The more we can get interested in Stem cells may mean that eventually it will be available to everyone here in Australia.

Well I had better get this on the net

See you next week – hopefully on time on the net

Stem Cell Awareness DaySeptember 25th 2008

Hosted by Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories (MISCL),Monash University Robert Blackwood Hall,Monash University, Clayton

“Stem cells: The new revolution in medicine.What are they, what’s all the fuss, and how can they help me?” Stem cells have generated unprecedented excitement in medical research because of theirpotential to treat a wide range of the most devastating degenerative and induced diseases including those of the cardiac, nervous (including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease), vascular and respiratory systems, autoimmune diseases (such as multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus), immunodeficiency states, and cancer.Stem Cell therapies may also be useful to treat a wide range of sporting or other physical injuries, and may assist in the recovery from surgery. Stem cells have both human and veterinary applications. They are also the inspiration for a whole new generation of research scientists, astonishing technical breakthroughs and thriving commercial opportunities.

However, the enthusiasm for Stem Cell Research has been tempered by unrealistic promises and expectations, and significant confusion and controversy in the community, often due to inadequate public education, ethical concerns associated with the use of embryonic stem cells, and the perceived threat of human cloning. These concerns are contrasted with sensationalist stories of “miracle cures,” often in poorly regulated environments but still driving a thriving medical tourism industry, because of the desperate needs of many patients for a better quality of life.

Accordingly we have instigated Stem Cell Awareness Day, to foster a greater understanding of stem cells in the broad community – including patients and their support groups, clinicians, ethicists, researchers, students and commercial interests.

This world first, major event will centre around a Public Forum, at Monash University,on all aspects of stem cells, presented by national and international experts in the field. It will help address questions and concerns including:

• What are stem cells? • How real is their clinical usage? Are they being used already? If not, when?• Can they really help – what is hype and what is fact?

• What are the safety, regulatory and ethical issues?

• Should I be banking my baby’s stem cells, and what about mine?

Stem Cell Awareness Day 25th September 2008

• What are the career opportunities in stem cell research and therapies? • What are the commercial opportunities?Above all, Stem Cell Awareness Day will showcase the latest breakthroughs in stem cell

research and how these are beginning to be applied in the clinic. It will also highlight the

global leadership position of Melbourne’s biotechnology and stem cell research institutes.

To facilitate participation, this event is free of charge but as places are limited, please register your attendance on our website (www.stemcellawarenessday.com) or by phone on 03 99051344.

For all other enquiries, please contact

Dr Orly Lacham-Kaplan

(03) 9905 0781



Professor Richard Boyd

Director Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories (MISCL)

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4 Responses to Week 117 “Stem Cells Awareness Day – 25th September 2008″

  1. Jackie Kay says:

    stemcellschina.comHi Jill and Mac,
    It’s great to see how organised and consistant you guys are to get every improvement posible. Hat’s off to you both. Chris and I are back at Qingdao for 4 x I/V stem cell transplants. We’re having a fabulous time because the Paralympic sailing is on here – now. I’ve got my blog going again. Take a squiz – http://www.stemcellschina.com/blog/jackiekay

  2. Supernoches says:

    Cool video. I wish they’d clarify what kind of stem cells they are acndoativg the use of, however. Not many people would disagree that stem cells have incredible potential and have proven to be of unprecedented value. Yet, there is still an important debate on the ethics of embryonic vs matured stem cell use for anything. Part of me leaps for joy at the prospect of cures while at the same time another part of me suffers with the idea of the cost to human life. I think viewers need to know. So, what are they acndoativg in this video?

  3. change comes easy.It’s a trying time for St. Lucians Wipe away the tears it’s clouding your vision. Now let go back and look at The European Partnership Agreement (EPA.It was implemented as a result of Latin Americans challenging Preferential Treatment at the World Trade Organization. EPA like VAT too was a well argued topic in St.Lucia. The opposition strongly opposed it like was done with VAT. The Government looked like yes, you’re right, but we got to do what we got to do. Like others before it, EPA faded into the beautiful St. Lucia…

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