Week 115 ” Ups and Downs “

Thank heavens the 29th Beijing Olympics are almost over – we found ourselves at midnight watching Australian teams and individuals battle for gold. Last night watching Mathew Mitcham dive that last fantastic dive to win gold was great. It was really great to watch all our competitors doing their best. Next month our paraplegics get their chance to enthral us as well. The sailing events are at Qingdao;where there is one of Beike Stem cell treatment hospitals. I noticed on Jackie Kay’s blog (MS sufferer and involved with Sailability) will be there and is having a second round of stem cells. Mum (Gwen) has been participating in St Catherine’s Olympics – but is a little disappointed that she did not medal. They have been playing different games each day and following each game they have had a medal ceremony.

We have had a roller coaster of emotions this week – we have been exercising each day – either at the netball courts or in the gym. Tuesday was a high when Jill was presented with a certificate from Kate Morgan for her loss of 10kg. Then on Friday evening I suddenly heard Jill cry out. By the time I reached her she was in tears and sobbing. She told me amongst the sobs that her ring was missing. We spent the next couple of hours searching – but to no avail and she had a lousy night – I hoped that with a bit more light the ring would be easier to find. I covered all her steps from Friday – we had not been away from home only out in the gym. Saturday morning I checked the path to the gym, under chairs, all around the gym and finally decided to move some furniture. Out in the gym we have a folding lounge there at the back behind one of the feet was the gold band of the ring – THANK HEAVENS – more tears but of delight this time. There are some good and bad effects of loosing weight. Jill has been having trouble keeping her rings on her fingers over the last couple of week.

We had our physio (Donna) here on Thursday – she conducted a Berg balance test on Jill. It is almost 12 months since the test was last conducted. It involves a series of standing, getting up from a seated position, turning while standing and stepping onto a stool etc. When Beth conducted the test last year Jill scored 37 out of 56 and she scored 33 this year. This shows that there has been little change since the last test. Jill was happy but says she could do better. I will have to watch her as she will start practicing the different elements of the test. Donna is off to South America to attend a conference on Rehabilitation and will be away for about 6 weeks.

Thursday also gave Jill another reason to smile as Chris was working in Cobram and came home on his was back to Melbourne. He got here just in time to watch her in the gym. Jill thinks I am a hard task master – but Chris would be on her back all the time.

Another time line has been achieved my brother Keiran and Louise will be celebrating their wedding anniversary today. – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KEIRAN & LOUISE.

Well I can hear Jill getting out of bed – so I had better finish this and post it.

See you on the net next week.

THE 10Kg Certificate - Jill’s first step has been reached

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  1. Jason says:

    Hey Mac
    I’m going to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Hospotal in the end of this month(Aug. 31st).
    My mom’s infection is finally under control after using vancomycin for the past week.
    When will you be there for the second treatment?


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