Day Forty Four- The day of the ROAST

Our first day on home soil. We spent the night at Allison & Chris’s home in Bendigo. We had a goodnights sleep and it was 7.30 am when we woke up (5.30 am Shenzhen time) to the smell of bacon and eggs. How’s that for a homecoming breakfast. Jill has head cold and is sneezing a lot. She had a slight cold before leaving Nanshan. We are hoping that it does not progress.

Margaret & Barry arrived about 11am to welcome Jill home and have a look at Allison’s home. They thought Jill had improved in her walking. Today I have done nothing, Jill & Allison went to the hairdresser to have Jill’s hair coloured. We are not likely to be able to get to Michael’s salon for a few weeks. We purchased a sim card for Jill’s new PINK phone and every thing appears to work. Jill’s been catching up with Big Brother and Neighbours.

This evening we have been given our next delight –roast beef– the best feed we have had since leaving home – Thanks Allison. Chris rang this evening –he also has a cold – we hope that it clears quickly.

The next lot of stem Cell injections were today and we are thinking of you back there in Shenzhen. Hal & Kath in particular good luck with the rest of the treatments and the improvements they will bring.

Sitting on the couch back here my thoughts were of the nurses, doctors and Jon’s girls for all the effort they put into our wellbeing and care. Thanks again for all the time you worked with us.

Jon, Grace, Sunny, Amy, Sally, Elizabeth and Mary, there were a few times when we felt all alone but for your thought full care and attention. The wonderful friendships we gained both with other patients and Jon’s girls will never be forgotten.

Wonderful friends Val & Jason, Bill & Babs, Wayne & Robin,Jackie& Chris, Kath & Marion, Hal and Hungarian families and their Children, Paola and her daughter from Italy will always be our friends.

Kath mentioned the “CHINA CLUB”. I was going to talk to Chris about setting up a web site for the exclusive use of the above group of people and those that will follow us maybe we can change the name a little to “THE CHINA STEMCELL CLUB”.

Hal mentioned that we should all be proud of the fact that Kath, Robyn Babs & Jill are the first Australians to have stem cell treatment for Ataxia. I know he was stoked (his word) for being in the first 10 Americans to be treated and that was before the first injection.

Tomorrow we head for home to pick up our Jack Russell (JAKE). I guess he will have lost his voice by now & will probably have forgotten us.

We will see you tomorrow on the net,

Jill's PINK PHONE The Rost Beef- This will make your mouth water!

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3 Responses to Day Forty Four- The day of the ROAST

  1. Pat says:

    Web page sounds a great idea for you to keep in touch and share experiences. Did you hear the news tonight about the guy with spinal injuries who was stopped from going to China. He took it to court and they have over turned it and he and his family are off to China to sus out the treatment. Maybe you should try and get in touch. The ABC had it on the news tonight. They will not give you his name [privacy]but they would hand your name and contact to him and then he can decide if he wants to talk to you.
    Safe trip home

  2. Allison & Chris says:

    Hi Mum & Dad,
    We are so glad that you are now home in Australia. Have a safe drive back to Wang today. Give Jake a hug for us. He will not let you out of his sight for a long time, so don’t even think of trying to put him outside.
    Please make sure that you follow Jon and the doctors orders to rest for the first week, that means both of you!!! Let your bodies recover from the flight home, and all the hard work that you put in over in Shenzhen.
    We all love you so much and are the proudest kids to have two such courageous parents. Talk to you tonight….off to kinder for breakfast and pyjama party with the kids.
    love Allison and Chris

  3. Kym says:

    Glad to have you home. You both look great.
    Love Kym

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