Week 394-6 “Goodbye my darling”

"Jillsgym" My MSA Angel

“Jillsgym” My MSA Angel

Jillsgym finally in the drive , luckily a neighbour was there to guide me up the drive. I was being very careful as I was aware we did not have a lot of clearance  and by the time the van was under the carport the air conditioner was brushing the cross bead and we were still only half way there. I unhitched the Jeep and hoped that i might gain a couple of mm.  I got a ladder and checked but we were just brushing the beam and that was that. At least the van was under cover.

The coming week was preparing for the interment of Jill’s ashes – making certain that everything was organised and every body told of the event. I didn’t sleep very well all the memories kept flooding back. Saturday morning arrived – bleak, cold and possible showers. Eleven am soon approached and we all went out to the cemetery , meeting at the rose garden and the new rotunda that was very close – and gave us all some protection from the rain.

Jill's Plaque

Jill’s Plaque

I placed Jill ashes in a small hole beside a freshly pruned rose bush  and the plaque laid to one side. With tears in my eyes I said my final goodbye – with Riley by my side , he was very intrigued with the proceedings. He watched as the caretaker replaced the earth and placed the plaque. We stayed awhile and the others all said their goodbyes before we headed back home for some lunch.

The kids had organised an evening out at a local restaurant with other family members – trying to keep it a secret from me – to celebrate my 70th birthday the following Wednesday. We had a great evening , beautiful food and of course family. Jill hated being centre of attention but loved going out for a meal. I wish she had been there to help me. I know her spirit was with me as it always will.

The last three weeks have been spent putting things in the van , I needed a new bedspread for the van and with Jill’s help I believe I found the right one – we needed a bit of colour to brighten up the van. I had a canvas print done so that Jill could be there watching.

New bedspread and a splash of colour

New bedspread and a splash of colour

Print just inside caravan door

Print just inside caravan door







Keiran - cutting the steel rafter for some extra clearance

Keiran – cutting the steel rafter for some extra clearance

All the way - protected from the elements

All the way – protected from the elements

I had shown Keiran and Keith my problem with the steel rafter and their suggestion was “We’ll cut the B thing out” Keiran arrived with his large right angle grinder and it wasn’t long before we had clearance and the van was being pushed in and the Jeep was now under cover.


A visit toAllison’s , then to Chris’s and then followed by a trial in Jillsgym out to a small caravan park at Gentle Annie not far from Wangaratta with my great neighbours who have a permanent cabin on site. They have asked us several times to bring the van out. This time we will make it. I am certain Jill will enjoy her time by the river.

It is Jill’s sisters birthday tomorrow and Jill would have been saying have you sent the card and a present.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – JEANETTE – we can’t wait till you get your new van and we can travel together – Love Jill & Mac

More about Gentle Annie when we see you soon on the net.


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  1. Joyce Evans says:

    I am so sorry to just find out about Jill. Your posts always cheered me up as I cared for my brother Glen, who passed away almost three years ago from MSA. I would always wait for your post each month to read how you were doing. It was a long road, but, in the words of my Grandmother, “richly worth it”. Thank you.

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