Week 54 – Super cells

Super cells – Allison rang the other day to see if we has seen the program on Pay TV – It was a program filmed by National Geographic about Stem Cells and had been filmed in China not long after we had been there for Jill’s treatment. It included an interview of Hal Burrows who we had met while we were in Nanshan hospital. The program went to air on the 17 June – we had not seen it but were able to see a clip on National Geographic web site. ( http://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/ ). The clip includes Hal. I don’t know if the program will be repeated – fingers crossed. I have emailed National Geographic for some information and will let you know if they reply.

We have woken up to a couple of very cold mornings -4C and it has been hard to motivate Jill to go out to the gym. She has been doing most of the exercises and I think she has almost beaten the infection. A visit to our GP on Monday will give us the confirmation we want to hear. We still haven’t been able to get down to the netball courts for a walk but will try this week. Beth (Jill’s physio) was here on Friday, she has an occupational therapist with her to check the rails in our toilet /shower area. They made some suggestions for some extra rails and these will be installed this week.

Some important news for Chris and Nicole this week – they finally have the keys to their new house. The next stage is concrete around their home, floor coverings, curtains and then moving furniture in. We are almost as excited as Chris and Nicole .

The next stage of our carport was achieved today – almost. The question is when is a brick not a brick? The bricklayer arrived at 7.30am (temperature was -4C) and he set up and bricked the two new columns. The next thing was to fill in above the old columns. He discovered that the new bricks were 10 millimetres bigger than the old ones and were going to look odd. After some discussion he is sure he will be able to get the final 50 bricks needed to complete the columns next week end. I must thank Pat as it was her email that enabled me to arrange David the bricklayer.

Sorry Allison looks like the Magpies are about to roll all over the Swans.

The Oz travellers are in Darwin after spending some time at Kakadu. They are there for a week befor heading to Litchfield National Park.

There were two birthdays this week – Friday was Chris McLeod’s and today was my brother Keiran’s .



See you all next week on the net

Carport Columns Jeannette at Kakadu The missing Crock Aboriginal Rock Art at Kakadu

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